Enterprise Storage Sales V3 C4090-959 Prüfungsaufgaben

C4090-959 Demo

Exam : C4090-959
Title : Enterprise Storage Sales V3
Version : DEMO
1.A customer has several different storage systems from different vendors all connected on a storage
area network. All arrays are at least 80% utilized, and the customer needs additional capacity.Rack space
and power are very limited.
Which SAN Volume Controller concept should a sales specialist emphasize to convince the customer to
purchase a SAN Volume Controller?
D.Block and file I/O
Answer: C
Reference: http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/storage/software/virtualization/svc/index.html
2.An existing EMC customer has a number of UNIX and Windows based applications that are hosted on
an EMC VMAX 10K system and the storage is fully populated.As part of an acquisition, the customer now
wants to add a small mainframe into the current environment.
What is the best reason to recommend the DS8870 in this situation?
A.DS8870 provides increased ease of use over the VMAX 10K.
B.A DS8870 is capable of managing Count Key Data (CKD) volumes.
C.The DS8870 is capable of providing system-wide encrypted volumes.
D.A VMAX 10K would require an upgrade to support FICON protocol.
Answer: B
Reference: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=ssg1S7004088&aid=1 (page 26)
3.A customer has an Oracle database running on z/OS.The customer wants to keep three copies
database at separate sites.
Which feature would allow them to do that?
A.Metro Global Mirror
B.Active Cloud Engine
C.Volume Mirroring
D.System z HyperPAV
Answer: A
Reference: http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/pdfs/sg246787.pdf
4.Which architectural functionality of the XIV product almost completely eliminates hot spots?
B.SSD caching
C.InfiniBand backplane
D.Data distribution algorithm
Answer: D
Enterprise Storage Sales V3 C4090-959 Prüfungsaufgaben

5.A customer plans to replace its storage infrastructure which supports Oracle databases and a server
farm based on VMware by a storage grid architecture.A Business Partner sales specialist proposes a two
XIV grid system with 486 TB of usable capacity and implementation services.
What approach may be used to migrate the applications‘ data?
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3 / 6
A.Configure the XIV with IBM Lab Services
B.Use the XIV native migration facility
C.Develop scripts to automatically move the data
D.Use host resources to migrate the data using LVM
Answer: A
6.A new customer to the TS3500 wants to know if the TS3500 they recently purchased has a three-year
9×5 warranty.
What is the correct answer to give the customer?
A.One year, 7×24 is the standard warranty.
B.Three years, 9×5 is the standard warranty.
C.Three years, 7×24 is the standard warranty.
D.One year, 9×5 is the standard warranty, with an option to provide three years 9×5.
Answer: A
Reference: http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/storage/tape/ts3500/specifications.html (see warranty)

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